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There are two things you always hear people say you can’t get rid of, one is death and the other is your taxes. Now, we can add a third one to the equation, and that is, your student loans. A student loan is becoming like a mortgage payment. 

Just like mortgage, your student loans will not go away until you pay for it in full plus interest. After graduating from college you will be giving a sic months grace period before your repayment schedule will are due. You should use this time not only to find a good paying job but to decide on the best way to go about pay for these student loans. 

What to Do With the 6 Months Grace Period

The first thing you can do with the grace period is spend the six months looking for a high paying job or high enough to pay off your student debt. But there is a way the government can help you to eliminate your student loans over time. You have to do volunteer work. You can work for the America Corps or Peace Corps, enroll in the armed forces, and a teacher. The government said after ten years of service they will forgive the remainder of the balance on your student loan.

Always make sure you consolidate your student loans and you'll be able to reduce your monthly repayments by almost 50%. Spread out your loan terms to maximum amount of repayment years, which reduce your monthly payment and hopefully make it more affordable. There are no easy ways out but there to pay back your student loan.

Be careful when looking for lenders to consolidate your student loans read the fine prints before you decide to sign, make sure it is a reputable bank and get the term you are going to be more comfortable with for the next twenty years of your life.

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College loans, student college loans, loans for college students