Have you served in the military? Are you till active in the military or in the cost guard and want to go to college and not sure how you going to pay for it. Free money for tuition is available from the federal government. Most active duty military men, women veterans and coast guard are not aware they could get college tuition help from the government.

http://www.studentloansinfo.org will simplify the process for you in this article for you to have a better understanding of how to can get tuition help for college and not have to pay it back. Under certain circumstances you may even make money going to school. Furthermore, your spouse and children if you have any can also benefit from this free money for tuition.

Our federal government set up these benefits for you because you risk your life to serve in the United States Military. I thank you for your wonderful service; and I am very grateful for your services that I decided to write this article to let you know the free money for tuition you have available to you to attend college. I also have come across several military men and women who were not aware they can have college tuition help.

If you are an active duty, reservist and cost guard on drill status and decide to attend college, you can get free money for your college tuition. The government will give you $4500 per fiscal year to pay for college using the military tuition assistance program in which you do not have to pay back. There is also more money available through the G.I. Bill if you are enrolled and have at least one year of service. You can combine both G.I. Bill and tuition assistance for tuition help so that you will not have any out of pocket expenses.

The following will show you the amount of free money for college you will get if you are on active duty and enlisted for three years or more. Under the G.I. Bill if you are a full-time student you get $1321. If you are half time student you will get$660.50 and if you are ¾ time student you will get $990.75 per month towards school. If your enlistment is less than three years you will get $ 1073 for full time student, $804.50 for ¾ time student, $536.50 for half time student. Keep in mind you can also use your tuition assistance program that offers a $4500 for college tuition. However, veterans can only qualify for G.I bill.

The G.I. Bill gives you ten years from the date of release to use the money, and you can also pass the benefit to your kids or spouse to pay for their college tuition. But if you fail to use the money after ten years you will not have access to the money anymore. So if you can use it for yourself, get use it for your child’s education.

http://www.studentloansinfo.org hope this information help you to have a better understanding on how to get free money for tuition so you can attend college.

Free money for college, free money for college loans are grants

Free money for college, free money for college loans are grants