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If you're still in college studying or going to continue to keep studying then I would suggest the best thing to do is not to consolidate your student loan just yet. Consolidating your student loan will reduce your monthly outlay.

However, if you are still in school don’t consolidate your student loans, because once you consolidate your loans, most lenders will frown on re-consolidate your student loans. However there are ways to re-consolidate your student loans.

If you have to consolidate your student loans before finishing school, you can consolidate your student loans, but most private lender might not be able to re-consolidate your student loan if you need more money. Make sure you ask your lender before you consolidate if they can re-consolidate your loan later in the future.
​If you already have your student loans consolidated, then you should be aware of a way you can get around to get your loans re-consolidate. However, this only works if you have a federal student loan. 

Click here to add text.The first thing you need to do is go out and apply for a federal student loan, after you are approve ask them to take your current loan and combine it with your existing consolidated loan. This is the only way I know you can technically re-consolidating your loan.

However, student who graduates with certain types of student loan debt will be able to make lower payments on their student loan if the debt is much higher than your income and family size.
Most student loans give you ten years to repay it and your loan amount will not exceed more than 15% of your gross income. You have up to 25 years to repay your student loan depending on your family and income circumstances.

college loan, how to Lower student loan payments

college loan, how to Lower student loan payments