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Student loan is rising and the cost of college is increasing, which made it a necessity for college student to apply for a student loan in the United States. College expenses for a student not only have tuition costs, but the cost of books, meals, gas, cell phones, recreation, etc. There is a variety of student loan that will enable a student to take care many of their varying college expenses. Student loan helped many college students to attend college; however, this loan must be repaid under specified circumstances.

Listed below are loans with conditions and time frames a student loan must be repay:

First, Direct Student Loan is a loan which gives you six to nine months to begin repayment after you completed your college education. The good news is a Direct Student Loan is distributed through the school you will be attending, which will help to lower your interest rates than a Guaranteed Student Loan.

Second, Guaranteed Student Loans also goes by the name Stafford Loans. This loan has a low interest rate. Next, a student has option to apply for a subsidized orĀ 
Unsubsidized student loan

A subsidized loan means you do not have to worry about the interest payment while you are in school because the government will pay it for you. But for the government to pay for your interest payment will greatly based on your financial needs.
Now, the unsubsidized student loan means you will be charged interest while you are attending school. However, both loans will a repayment schedule payment six months after you graduate from college.

The next loan is Federal Parent Loans is also known has PLUS loans. This loan is solely based on you income and credit history. Parents who have a child enrolled in college part-time will be eligible for the PLUS loan.

To conclude, thoroughly research all loan programs. It does not matter if a Direct Student loan, Guaranteed Student loan or a PLUS loan because at the end to achieve your college objectives you need a student loan.

College tuition cost, College tuition cost comparison

College tuition cost, College tuition cost comparison